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Some Exit and Some Stay – Be YOU

The thoughts flowing through my mind today are about people who come into our lives. I think the reason for these thoughts is because I got to spend time on the weekend with dear friends and was able to Skype with others. I have to admit my heart was definitely full of love. These thoughts have also included people that are exiting my life. My question or musing is this … isn’t it interesting that as we be true to who we are and step into that confidence and space of knowing some people have to exit and yet others pull in closer? I’m experiencing this right now in a few different ways and I wanted to share.

I recently decided to switch my focus as I know now with more clarity about what my trajectory is. I can see how everything has been leading up to this point. I have been through many things. Some very difficult, some painful, and some truly lovely and magical. All of those things allowed me to get back to a space of remembering who I truly am and what is truly calling me. Through all of this, there have been many people come and go from my life. Some I thought would be there a lot longer than they were but as I look back I can see why they had to make their exit. However, recently, as I change my focus, it has been interesting to watch different reactions. Some people who are really close to me who I was nervous to tell because I wasn’t sure they would understand have been the most supportive and truly excited for me. Others, whom I knew would be disappointed (I think that is the best word to use), went one of two ways. They were excited for me but disappointed to be spending less time with me. And the other way was to essentially shut down and when they did interact with me they lashed out. It is truly curious about how people reacted.

I know that we choose our reactions like we choose our thoughts. It is completely our choice. So why be horrible to another person? In my circumstance, I realize some people can’t see past their hurt, their wants, and see how happy the other person is and how they are moving on but, not because of anything specific, it is just time to. What a difference it would make for everyone if a person said … I’m sad we won’t be spending as much time together and it hurts but I understand it is your time to move on to other things, other experiences. That honours both people. Unfortunately in my experience, especially recently, that is not the case. Instead, it is a tearing down of the person and the relationship. Like it is a personal attack.

My heart truly does get sad when people leave my life. All the people who have exited have left an impression on me. I learned a ton of things about myself through these exits. But I think the most important thing I have learned is not everyone is meant to stay with us for a lifetime. If we happen to get that, it is a true blessing. However, for the most part, people come and go based on their trajectory at the time and your trajectory. It truly is a natural flow. I can say I have been blessed as I do have a few of those life long people in my life. Interestingly for me, I think that now where I am on my trajectory, I realize what a blessing those people truly are and I cherish the time I get with them. But also I can truly appreciate others who have exited for whatever the reason because they are on their path and I’m on mine and the two no longer intersect. So we must go our separate ways.

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