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Moving Forward

I was on a call recently with a like-minded group of individuals whom I get together with as often as possible. We have all gone through our things over time and we have all shared a great deal about those and ourselves. It is a gorgeous supportive group I consider myself to be blessed to be a part of, as it is a place where I get to express myself and be heard with open, genuine ears. Today, as I listened to the replay the following phrase floated through me, … “You can’t move forward if you are hanging out in the past.”

I really wanted to share this with you as I think it is a meaningful thought. I think many of us lose sight of this as we busily go through life surviving our day and trying to have everything handled. You see, if we are concentrating on thoughts in the past … past actions … past hurts … past wrongs …, then that is where your focus is. There is an Einstein quote that I love that fits with this … “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” 

This quote came to mind when I started writing this post because none of us are the same person we were yesterday. And if we aren’t the same person then our mind is not the same. However, when we dwell on the old, we are trying to reconnect ourselves to that time, thought, and action from a completely different place. So, if we want to move forward and not have these old things invading our lives, we can totally do that because we now have a different mindset and we see things differently. Because we have changed, all we need to do is let our mind let go and stop focusing on the past and look forward. Focus forward.

All of our journeys are built with thousands/millions of steps. What we need to do is make as many of those steps as possible move forward. If you are taking steps with your head turned around looking at the past, you might just trip and fall down because your focus is behind you. If you are looking forward, as you are taking steps, just imagine what possibilities lie ahead of you. If you notice, when looking forward there are no limits to what you see.

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