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Remembering Your Inner Magnificence Day:

I was texting with a friend this morning and told her about a recent event and it hit me, yep, I was showing up and letting people see me and it was all okay. I mentioned to her two different instances that had happened recently. One was just yesterday. I had a wonderful conversation with a lady I was introduced to by a dear friend. We had texted a few times and then had a conversation. It was great. What a wonderful person. I instantly knew I could have a great conversation with her. We talked nonstop for an hour and at the end of the conversation she asked me if we could talk again and she would be happy if I wanted to bounce ideas off her. My immediate response was, yes please, and then I told her I’m so glad we met. I truly was grateful we had been introduced and I texted the friend that had introduced us and thanked her as well. The reason I was grateful was because I just talked with this wonderful woman and was myself … 100% myself. I was open and I showed up to let her see me. I could have very easily hidden but to be honest, at this point, that is not an option and that is why I’m here with you all. 

The second conversation I mentioned to my friend this morning was a conversation I had with a colleague. She asked if I had read a book called “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. I said, why yes, I have. She said it had been given to her and as she started reading it she thought of me. She then laughed and said from now on I was going to known to her as Badass Angela. It is really kinda of funny because I have a few really close friends that call me that so when someone from the wild (outside my inner circle) called me that I knew I was just letting people see me. This particular colleague met with me for about an hour to an hour and a half and I’ve had a couple of phone conversations with her and from that I am now Badass Angela.

So, here is what struck me this morning … I have been questioning a bit if I was on track with the direction I was heading. I truly want to assist women of all ages to just be the best them they can possibly be. We all have a magnificence within ourselves the problem is we rarely see it the way others do, and the bigger problem is we hide it for various reasons. So the realization for me is that I am showing up and people see my inner “yahooness”…. “badassness” whatever you want to call it and I’m having an impact because a conversation I’ve had has stuck in someone’s thoughts. They remembered things that I had said. That makes my heart sing and it reminded me that the reason I started Angela Unlimited was to make a difference in women’s lives through conversation and connection. 

Today is Wednesday and a lot of people call it Hump Day. I think for me, from now on, I’m going to think of it as “Remembering Your Inner Magnificence Day”. I think we all need a day to remember that amazing sparkle we have inside and that it needs to shine out into the world. I hope you will join me and remember your Inner Magnificence because I know it is there and shining bursting to get out.

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