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Resisting and pushing through!

Have you ever forced yourself to keep trying to do something when you weren’t feeling it? I have and it really doesn’t work. You can push through and you will eventually finish but the end product will not be worth much. The effort you put in was distracted, at best, and your heart wasn’t into it so there was no good juice behind it. Does that sound about right? Sound familiar?

We have a choice, to live in struggle or to live in flow. It may not seem like it at times, but it truly is our choice because we choose what to engage in and how to react. Let me give you an experience I had this morning. 

I got myself into a spot of wanting to make people happy and wanting not to be in the middle of things. What happened was I ended up in tears because the feeling I had was awful. It wasn’t a true feeling and that is why I reacted the way I did. Instead of standing in my truth I decided to take on the stance of feeling like I had to make everything happen and make it all work and make everyone happy. Even though at that moment I was perceptively unhappy myself. What I did was stop … completely stop … and I took a breath … and I remembered this is not the truth of me. I sat in quietness and remembered a technique that a soul brother, Adam Lamb, taught me. He taught me to allow myself to feel connected and to have beautiful white light wash over and through me. As I sat for a couple of minutes picturing a large sunbeam of white light coming down on me and as I focused on that, the untrue feelings melted away. 

We all have the ability to change our thoughts in a moment. Sometimes it is more difficult than others and sometimes we need some assistance. This morning I needed the assistance of visualization to assist me to shift my thinking. I suggest that you find a few different tools and techniques to assist you. 

Ask a friend, a colleague, or someone like myself to assist you. We are not alone in any of this and we are not meant to be alone. As humans we are built to be connected but our fears separate us and isolate us. It takes some courage to reach out to someone. I know this from experience. I also know that as you reach out more, you realize there are others out there who are going through similar things or have gone through similar things and they are only too happy to assist you and stand by your side. At the end of the day we all want to be loved and seen and the way to realize this is to stand as your true self.

Let me leave you with this thought. What I described at the outset is how a lot of us go through life. Just living. Just surviving. Just getting by. That truly isn’t what life is supposed to be about. When we pay attention to those feelings of resistance, life becomes so much easier. We live more in the flow of life instead of trying to swim upstream. Swimming upstream is really tiring and the energy we have to expel is ridiculous.

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