Angela Unlimited
Dark Hours

You need to feel inspired and you need to let yourself feel. If you go through life safe, what is the point? Life is meant to be lived in all its glory and messiness. You can definitely go through life playing it safe and getting it right, but the real fun comes from tossing it all in the air and just being you. That is the real you. The authentic you.

All of my life, until recently, I bent and melded to what I thought would make me more loved. I did everything in my power to manage everything around me to keep me safe. What that did was build such large protective vaults around my heart and around me so that no one could hurt me, for I was safe. 

What it meant though was I was not being true to who I am and why I am here on this planet in this body. So, what happened you ask, well the Universe blew my world apart. It assisted me in the most loving way as it showed me how far off base I had become. It loved me so much that it knew I couldn’t continue on the path I was on. It also knew there was only one way I could hear it.

It was very painful, but I can tell you this from that place I started to truly find myself and remember why I’m here. The fabulous experiences I have had since that moment would never have ever happened. The people who have come into my life and who have come back into my life would never have happened. 

My journey was to go through that pain to come out the other side to a wonderful life. I truly appreciate who I am and what I have and the trajectory my life is on now. I remember reading from numerous sources that after the darkest hours come the light of dawn. It is so incredibly hard to see that, when you are in those dark hours and can’t see that light. So, I offer to you all the knowing that the light is there. Just keep reaching and asking for it and it will come. One of the amazing things that came out of my dark hours was I saw what a strong, capable woman I am. I have a light within that shines. 

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