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I think living your life in gratitude assists living your life in a state of abundance. I think it also leaves you open to possibilities. Gratitude does not have to be about something huge. Actually, it is about the small things in your life every day.

My mentor, Jennifer Hough, suggested/suggests a gratitude journal. I have attempted this and when I do my life feels more peaceful, more grounded. You see what you do is every day you write down 10 things that you are grateful for and they need to be different each day. The reason for them being different is so you are tuned in and paying attention. At first, this might feel difficult but what I found was each day it became easier. Actually, I find when I do this consistently the 10 will fly onto the page.

When I used the word attempted earlier, it is because I do this for a period of time and then I stop doing it. I stop just because I get busy and forget or I’m tired. Really it all comes down to priority and how you truly want to live your life.

You see I had myself convinced that the only time I could do this was right before bed because that was the suggested time. While talking with my husband the other day and exploring how grounded practicing gratitude makes me feel my husband said, “why not pick another time of the day that works better for you”. A time it can feel like a real practice. It was brilliant. Of course, there is no specific time that is the only time. So I switched things up and now do it in the evening about 7:00 pm. This is a time for me when I’m typically transitioning in between my day and my evening. It is a perfect break and reset.

My question to you is do you practice gratitude every day? If so great, I would love to hear what your practice looks like. If you don’t, give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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