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Why? A Question that Holds Us Back!

So many times, over the last while, I have asked myself the question why! Why do I do this? Why do I do that? Why in the hell do I still do blah, blah, blah? 

The whys paralyze me. They keep me from moving forward. They also hold me in the past. Interesting, this morning my thoughts were of my ex-husband and nasty things/events popped into my head. My first question was why in the hell is this still rearing its ugly head. The answer came that it is because I’m still struggling to feel valued.

As a society we put such pressure on ourselves to live up to … to accomplish … to be loved … to be happy … to fit in … to be wanted. Truly “why” does any of that matter? Why shouldn’t being the amazing, sparkly person I am, that you are, be enough? It should be and I’m here to tell you IT IS.

The people who judge us or treat us horribly have their own issues and we need to remember those things are not us. We need to place our hand on our heart and say, “this, right here. That is what is important.” I remember a friend of mine telling me how profoundly changed they were when in a heated argument their partner said … “I’m a good person.” It changed their lives and their relationship.

We need to value ourselves. That is the key to life. We are all special.

Some people choose to be miserable in life. This is their choice and you should not allow it to diminish who you are and the light you bring to the world. We all have a choice on how we want to go through life. YES, you heard it … A CHOICE. Even if you don’t think you do. 

I make the choice each morning that today I am going to take another step or steps to move forward along my path and to allow my light to shine more brightly. Sometimes the steps happen without me being present. An example of this is yesterday. My husband took cupcakes to work for his colleagues to share. They asked how come and he told them the story regarding the cupcakes and how my little sister (a young girl I spend time with and mentor) and I iced the cupcakes together. He told them of the impact I’m having on this young girl’s life and her family through the Big Brother Big Sister program. They were so inspired, and some were in tears from his story. After that he sent me a note saying … “Your light shines brighter and farther than you have ever allowed yourself to believe.” So even though I was not in the room, not present, my light still shone. 

So, what are you going to do today … right now … to let your light shine more brightly? It truly matters so much. It is a direct sign to all of consciousness that you embrace you. You matter. You are of great worth because you are honouring being you.

To tie back to my thoughts of this morning … with my hand on my heart I said … “I release the past out of my heart. I am of value, I am loved, I am ME!”

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