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Staying Open

I received a lesson this morning that even when you feel off it is important to stay open. It all started by checking in with my mastermind group. We do a Monday morning check-in to see what each of us is celebrating and what actions we are going to get up to for the upcoming week. This morning, like many of the Monday mornings I journaled after our FaceBook live. This morning though what I found was there was part of me that wanted to buy into that old paradigm of isolation and smallness. But there was another part of me that had feelings of hope and change. Very different from when I have been dealing with these feelings in the past. 

So … what do you think I did? I continued journaling, got my thoughts out on paper, and then I sent them to the group. I ended what I had written with … Those are my Monday Morning Journal Musings. Well, one of the beautiful souls that are in the group responded back and said, “Monday morning musings, that’s a weekly podcast or post if I ever heard.”

What it then sparked in me is that as soon as I have my FaceBook group/page up and running (which will be happening shortly) I want to do a post/video every Monday morning and call it My Monday Morning Musings. You see because I wasn’t attached to how I was feeling isolated but instead just noticing what was going on and writing, it lead to what I think is a really cool idea. So because I stayed open I was able to see a possibility when it was pointed out.

It has been my experience in the past that when you close yourself you tend to miss out on potential opportunities because you can’t see them even if they are pointed out to you. So by staying open, I discovered another potential way to interact with others that are following my work. After all, my mission is to have all of us come out of the shadows and stand in the light so the shadows no longer exist. How perfect that on a morning I’m feeling off I’m shown another way because I was open. 

I hope you will message me or leave me a comment if you would like more information on Monday Morning Musings. Also, please leave a comment on an example of when you stayed open and curious and what possibility/opportunity came your way.

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