Angela Unlimited
Unlimited Sunshine

We all have times when our feelings inside start making us question and wonder about things. Recently I’ve had a feeling of isolation. Lots of times when I get this feeling I retreat because my Inner Chatter says no one reaches out to you so you don’t matter. But this time I reached out as being in the shadows these days feels so icky. It leaves me in a state of lack and feeling confined … you know limited and out of the sunshine. 

As I worked my way through this (a task that is much shorter these days) I realized I was letting my shame from my past squash my voice. Interesting as I’m writing this post, I’m reminded of a Facebook post a woman who I knew in elementary school posted awhile ago, it was on how people who have been emotionally abused act. This has come up because it’s what is holding my voice back and it’s what has delayed Angela Unlimited to truly be launched. You see I realized I’m still making excuses for it and seeing it as … if I had just been stronger or not so sensitive. It has nothing to do with that at all because here is the point … I am strong and that is why I’m here now and working with woman to see their strength and courage. You see the shame we feel, the smallness we force ourselves into isn’t the real us. All of these things put limits on us. We are not meant to go through our journey in limited constraints and resign ourselves to the shadows. Our journey is supposed to be full, expansive, unlimited and it is supposed to be in the sunlight where we can see and be seen.

I know from experience this is not easy. I also know from experience the longer you stay isolated in the shadows, the more it seems like that is your journey and where it resides. But it truly doesn’t have to be. You have a choice in every minute of every day to take a step toward or more fully into the sunlight. If any of this resonates with you please comment or better yet drop me a note so we can see how I can be of assistance. You see the shadows thrive on us feeling alone and isolated. The sunlight allows us to be seen, heard, and to laugh out loud. It actually opens us to living in an unlimited way. I know in my heart the shadows need to be removed from our lives and the sunlight needs to pour in. Make the choice today to come join me out in the unlimited sunlight. It is an amazing place to play and live unlimitedly.

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