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Finding Out About Each Other

My husband sent me a note this morning that said, “Today’s thought:  It is in times like these that we find out about the people around us. And don’t forget, they find out about us too.” He sent that on the heels of me sending him the following … “One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connect to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavour that cannot be matched by anything else in all the Universe.” (Abraham-Hicks)

You see, my husband is probably my biggest champion and he quite often gives me a thought to spark me into action. The spark into action this morning from this was I sat and journaled. I’m not sure if you journal or not but for me, it is a practice that serves as I work through things. It’s like written meditation for me. 

You see the last few days, as things have been getting even more uncertain in our area, as people are reminded to social distance, and they continue to not, my mood has been off as well as my thought process. It has been jumbled and things I would normally not care about or laugh about were making me annoyed, even angry. So when my husband sent me the note this morning, I started thinking of different people we know and the conversations we’ve had about how people are reacting to all of this and that’s when it hit me … how am I showing up? 

Do I want to portray out to the world this annoyed person who is judging others for not doing what they are supposed to? Who left that role to me? Also, do I want to show up as that fearful person because after having to go out on the weekend to pick up some groceries, I came back exhausted from the stress of trying to keep people at a distance and I was annoyed … and said to my husband … am I just being supercritical or do people have no common sense at this point … why can’t they keep their distance? 

My agitation continued into the next day and then on Monday I decided I would sit down and journal and figure this thing out. Can you guess what happened when I did that? Of course, the answer eluded me. It would not hop on the page for anything. My journaling was disjointed and abrupt. I stopped without a solution only a to-do list which was not helpful. 

Today though I knew in my heart to just let the words flow onto the page … no pushing. You see the clarity I was supposed to get could not come out in my pushiness or in the righteousness of my words yesterday. You see the real me was not the me I was showing to the world, not showing my husband, not showing me. As I wrote, and page after page was filled up in my journal and calmness was entering my body, I knew I was back to me and the end of my journaling turned out quite different today from yesterday. These are the final words I wrote today … “Follow the threads, Angela, just follow the treads. Keep taking steps and keep being vigilant for you. Your living in your heart, being the gift you are is the best way to love and support the people you love. It’s being the example of vigilant for you that allows others to be vigilant for themselves. That is how the light becomes brighter.”

As you know I’m all about us standing out in the light. These are uncertain times for sure. We are all trying to figure out how to navigate through this as there is no blueprint or step by step method to follow. So I leave you with this thought and it directly links to the message I received this morning … when you are looking at the way someone else is acting/reacting to our current environment maybe pause and ask yourself are you being the real you, the you at your heart, or are you coming from somewhere else? If we all lead by example … ah, just think of how much love and light we could shine out into the world right now. As I went for a walk today I made sure to smile, say hi, and wave at people I met or who were sitting outside. I knew none of them but I know how I have felt over the past while without a lot of contact and I know the me that I want to shine out to the world.

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