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Shadows are Sneaky

I had occasion this morning to sit and write. Actually what I have come to realize is journaling for me is a form of meditation. When I have things running around in my head I start to journal and see where it takes me. Most of the time I get lead to clarity of thought which results in a calmness, a peacefulness.

Yesterday I journaled as things were going on, but when I did I was trying to force a solution. I was trying to get to a specific point of knowing. So one of the things I wrote down was something is hiding from me. I found that my journaling was very abrupt and almost annoying, maybe even angry. But this morning was different. I started with no agenda at all. The first words I wrote this morning were … “Tonight is supposed to be the largest full moon of the year. It is also supposed to have a large impact and again old patterns are coming up to leave.” That was the start of words spilling onto the page and clarity starting to take form.

The second piece of the puzzle to open my journaling was a note from my husband (my partner in everything) saying … “Today’s thought: It is in times like these that we really find out about the people around us. And don’t forget, they really find out about us too.” My head went to my old go-to … did I do something wrong? Is this pointed at me? I knew in my heart it wasn’t, but I let it just sit there. Then the words poured even more freely onto the page.

You see as I wrote the blah blah blah stuff the underneath juicy stuff started to emerge. I realized I have been pushing myself into the background of my partnership because it’s my comfort zone. You know the wind beneath his wings. But here’s where things turned because in my heart that is not who I am. That is why when I was trying to force the answer yesterday, it wouldn’t come out. What came out today was that in this partnership I am strong, capable, full-on myself standing full on beside him. Not standing in the background being taken care of in all aspects. Wow … how did I slide there, into that shadowy spot? 

Here’s how … I’ve been going along with tunnel vision. You see when you have tunnel vision going you are ignoring things that are going on outside of that view. Shadows can start creeping into the spots you aren’t paying attention to. That’s why I have been feeling off and things have been niggling at me … it was the uncomfortableness of the shadows creeping in. As I wrote, the following tumbled onto the page … “Isn’t it interesting that the shadows can creep in from spots that you weren’t even aware of. And that’s the point, right there … you have to be vigilant every day for you and your vibration. You have to be vigilant about how you are showing up in the world. You need to be vigilant to shine your light in every direction possible. No tunnel vision because that allows shadows to creep in and if you aren’t watching they keep sneaking in. Because that’s what shadows are, they are sneaky and they creep in unnoticed and if you aren’t careful they will take a strong foothold and your light will start to dim.”

So I ask you this … are you showing up in the world the way you feel inside, in your heart, or are you allowing the shadows to cloud you? As soon as I exposed the shadows this morning by realizing my tunnel vision had allowed them to creep in, they subsided and I felt calmer, more peaceful. I felt more me. Coming out of the shadows and standing in your light is such a wonderful feeling and my hope is that with reading this your shadows lessened even just a bit. If I can assist you in making those shadows recede even more, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ve been there, and I understand the toll it takes on you, and it would be my pleasure to activate you into fearless freedom living an unlimited life.

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