Angela Unlimited

We have to matter on the inside. Mattering is not an outward concept.

We have been taught when we outwardly matter that increases our value, our worth. But the reality is all of that has to be anchored, rooted, and known on the inside for us to feel valuable and worthy. 

For some of us, it is something we have to tune into as a reminder that mattering comes from within because it comes from our hearts. And it is up to us to make choices to keep that knowing of mattering shining in our hearts because we need our light to shine brightly inside before we can shine it brightly into the world

If we are trying to be seen in the world and don’t know we matter in our hearts the light we are shining is not our true light as it won’t have any warmth, substance, or love encompass in it. Our true light shines with courage, integrity, love, joy, peacefulness, caring, but most of all it shines the true us for others to see and experience.

When we are shining that light it is magical. When we are shining that light our potential and possibilities are unstoppable. From that light, we are abundant and thrive. From that light, we love and accept ourselves in every minute of every day and we stay in our knowing that we matter. 

I see it as striving every day to being in your authentic true light and knowing in your heart without a doubt you MATTER!

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