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The Bully Lurking in Your Shadow

Is there a Bully lurking in your shadow? There has been one in mine for a long time. Do you spend time protecting yourself, hiding, being small, feeling less than? Does a lot of that come from the voice of your inner chatter? Well, then you have a bully in your shadow because you are bullying yourself. Yep, that’s it in a nutshell when we use our inner chatter against ourselves we are BULLYING OURSELVES!

All bullying has to end but most of all the hidden bully. The one that does irreparable harm in the shadows. It is the bully no one else sees because those who have it, keep it hidden well. We have trained ourselves on how to use the weapon with precision and skill. This weapon is silent and deadly. Silent because most don’t share it. They keep it hidden away. Deadly because it erodes our essences, our core, and changes our thoughts away from our path, our purpose.

It makes us forget who we truly are and if we can’t find our way back it will have us leave the planet. It does this by pulling us so far into the shadows we can’t see the light we are. The gift we are. All we see are the failures, the not-enoughness, the never-ending line of disappointments and hurts. 

We then guard ourselves so tightly to never feel because it is too painful. And we do this by putting up protective walls and adding to the thickness and density of them. We long to be loved but we guard ourselves so hard against it because when we are that far in the shadows our bullying thought is who could love us and I’m unloveable because (fill in the blank for you). Because you feel so unworthy of anything, of course, you feel unworthy of love and you grab desperately at any little crumb tossed your way. In this darkness, you stop loving yourself.

Interestingly, I don’t feel attached to my bullying inner chatter anymore. It’s not me anymore because I do love myself now but I remember what it was like and how important it is to come out of the shadow and into the light. Out into the world of possibilities, love, and enjoyment. Into a space of creativity and abundance.

I am so grateful for me. I am so grateful for my experiences. I am so grateful to get the opportunity to share them and be able to assist others. I am so grateful for my journey, my life, and the wonderful people in it.

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