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Words get the Ball Rolling

The words I wrote this morning on my message board were Awareness, Choices, Action. Always listen to your inner knowing.

Awareness relates to being aware of what is going on with you and then asking the best questions about it. For example, if your mood is off, be aware of it and then ask yourself where is this coming from/what’s behind it? Am I reacting to a thought, event, or person? Is this real or is my inner chatter/ego tainting my perspective? Once you are aware of what is going on you can move through it or even just leave it behind right then and there.

Choices was the reminder we always have a choice. In the example above once you have the awareness, you can make a choice of how you are going to react, deal with, move through, or let go. You get to choose.

Action is the result of your choice. What action are you going to take to move beyond where you are now.  Is it one action or can you see it is several? Only one is needed to start the ball rolling.

When I wrote always listen to your inner knowing it was the reminder that we all can follow what is in our heart. When we listen to others if we are swayed from what feels right in our core then we are giving our power away. When we give our power away this can lead to choices that aren’t congruent with who we are and, as mentioned above, we could feel off. Or it might look like being very challenging after we make the decision. The great part is we can always come back and listen to our knowing and make another choice. 

The beauty of it is, each day is a new day and we get to make adjustments along the way as we listen to our inner knowing, recognize our awareness, make choices based on these, and then dive into action.

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