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Hidden Treasures

I have been thinking a lot about our hidden treasures. You know those things inside each of us that are unique to just us … our hidden uniqueness … our hidden treasure. It is my experience that we overlook those unique parts of us as we don’t see them as special. Can you imagine a world where everyone sees their uniqueness as special? Wow … as I think of that picture it brings a smile to my lips. Actually, it brings a smile to my heart. A world where everyone was living on purpose, being seen and standing full-on in the light. There would be no shadows.

What do you think truly stops us from living that way or seeing those treasures? What I feel is fear. Fear of judgment, fear of ridicule, and fear of failing. There is a quote that I am quite fond of and it is “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” (George Addair) We keep ourselves in this place of smallness, place of lack, place of doubt by having fear run our lives. How do you think your daily life would change if you let your hidden treasure creep out just a little bit? For me when I let my hidden treasure shine I feel light at heart. I feel creative and I feel like I’m being me … fully me.

There is a final quote I will leave you with to ponder. This one I read in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. It goes like this “do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?” I so love this quote, as for me, it reminded me of what a courageous heart it took for my journey from the shadows to being seen. I have witnessed it in so many others and it is truly glorious. I do not doubt if you look you will see and recognize the courage within you. It may take some assistance, I know it did for me, but I have no doubt it is there.

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