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Time Passes, Time is Precious

No truer words than time passes and time is precious.  It’s funny I remember as a younger woman my Dad saying to me “as you get older time seems to speed up.” At the time I thought okay Dad “whatever you say.” However what I’ve come to realize is, it is truly the case. The other piece I have learned along the way is how precious time is as well.

The concept we only have this moment in time … right here, right now was never one I subscribed to when I was younger. However, I find the more I learn and the older I get time is such a precious commodity.

I have felt for so long that I wasted so much of my life trying to figure things out. You know the endless analysis of how to fit it, how to present me just right, to appear to be the me I thought everyone wanted me to be. It was also the endless jumping through hoops to make everyone else happy because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. You put everyone else first and you take care of yourself later. 

Funny I now view all of this as not time wasted but experiences I had to bring me to where I am now. I will be quite frank and honest I could have done without some of those experiences but I wouldn’t trade where I am now for any of them. Through this journey is also where I realized how precious time is. People I thought I would have more time with, I don’t. The experiences my heart now truly desires will happen but they are not to be put off until tomorrow. They are meant to be done now because we are meant to live life to its fullest.

I sit here pondering time on this sunny morning which is 19 years after a horrific event which had a huge impact on so many. I remember hearing the news as the twin towers went down. I remember people being consumed and terrified of what would happen next. Our world was in turmoil. Nineteen years later as I sit here writing this we are in the midst of a pandemic. There are raging fires in California and Oregon that are threatening and destroying the lives of many and potentially threatening the lives of some very dear friends. But I sit here in my warm cozy home looking at the birds and the beautiful blue sky.

Time passes and it is precious. I feel so deeply this is why we have to look within and be courageous to be seen in the world as us, our unique self. It is time to no longer be small and live in the shadows but stand full out in the light. We are precious. Time is precious. Let’’s honour both and live the most spectacular life we possibly can.

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