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What Part Do Emotions Play

Have you ever wondered about your emotions? I have. I learned at a very early age to turn them off. You see I learned showing emotion was a weakness and we will have none of that thank you very much. Funny I joke about it now but I had a hard time figuring out what to do with them. Of course, the answer was always to stuff them down. Hide them somewhere where no one can see them. 

You see when I was growing up and really through my 30s I was under the impression that emotions were a bad thing. It wasn’t until I was in my 50s that I learned what a treasure they truly are for me. Emotions act as part of my guidance system to tell me when I’m off course. Boy … I wish I had known that one all those years ago. To understand what my emotions were telling me would have been huge. Instead, I understood they were telling me was I was an emotional female, and I best not be letting that out into the world. 

Today when different emotions appear I greet them like they were old friends. It is fairly straight forward to know what happiness is showing us. But when you look underneath it do you see it is also showing you, you are aligned with who you are. It’s showing you, you are sitting within your authentic heart. Sadness for me is a release of the old and the setting free of my spirit with which I have been holding onto something that is no longer true for me. I was having a time setting it free because it had become comfortable and familiar. Anger is a tricky one for me. I have to watch it carefully. It can be a release of old frustrations and patterns. It can be a release of stress, anxiety, and fear. But it can also be the sign I’m way off course and I have become completely misaligned with who I am. When I become really angry I have to ask myself is this true. When I realize it is not true I can let it just slip away because it is my ego voice/inner chatter playing tricks on me.

I would recommend you have a look at your emotions and how they serve or do not serve you. Maybe your guidance is more of a feeling in the pit of your stomach which some might consider an emotion. As you continue to honour who you are and live in your unique light these things will become more apparent to you. You already know them. You just maybe haven’t fully tuned into them.

The lessons we learn through experience are amazing but sometimes when we learn something from someone else and then start seeing it for ourselves and can put it into practice it becomes such an amazing eye-opener. It’s like we can jump 20 steps ahead and voila be further down our journey because we exponentiated from what others have learned and shared.  

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