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Your Voice is Precious

Have you ever wondered if your voice had a purpose all of its own? I believe it does and here’s why. In my view your voice allows others to experience the essence of you. Oh my gosh, what a scary thing right. For others to hear you and experience who you truly are. Well here is something I’m sure you know but you have probably told yourself a different story. There are people out there that even when you try and hide and quiet your voice still see you … the real you.

So if others see you, what is the point of hiding? Well for me it was a way to feel safe. It was a way to protect myself against hurt and judgment. I got good at hiding who I was from most of the people around me but others kept calling me out of the shadows. If you are thinking it was uncomfortable, you’d be right. It was very uncomfortable but here is what I also learned. By staying hidden in the shadows the amount of energy it took was truly exhausting. Picture this if you can … I use to stop and go through what I was about to say in my head before speaking out loud because I was afraid of looking stupid. I was afraid someone would judge me for saying whatever it was the wrong way. You see that had happened many times so I was going to guard against it … protect against it. Can you imagine the energy that took?

Here is what I’ve learned and I hope it assists. My voice is my unique expression out into the world. I’m not here to be perfect and get everything right. I’m here to live, enjoy life, and be me. Full-on me. My voice is precious because it is the only one in the world that is uniquely mine. Wow, what a difference I think it would make if people realized how special their voice was. Oh, wait, wouldn’t that, in turn, mean they are special and would have to recognize their uniqueness. I think you know where I’m going with this one.

If you have read a number of my blogs you know I’m all about people coming out of the shadows and living their best life. Living your best life to me means being heard, seen, and laughing out loud. It’s living all of who we are without apology. I would love to hear from you on your view of living your best life and being all of you. Juicy conversations are how we change things. It is how our voices express the essence of us.

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