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I Dream, I Dream of Life

Have you stopped lately and wondered what do I truly want my life to look like? Am I living my life as the best version of myself?

A few years ago my answers to those questions would be very different. To be honest even about a week ago those answers would have been different. You see what I’ve realized in conversations I’ve been having is we all have a vision of what we would like to have and a vision of us in it but we fall short. I believe the reason we fall short is that we have lost the art of dreaming as we go through life. We place limits on what those dreams could be. After all … we are where we are in life, right?

What if … just what if that were wrong and something we have been told? After all, we have to be realistic about things. Have you ever been told to stop daydreaming or to get your head out of the clouds? I had a great aunt who used to say that I always reached for the stars. I used to smile and give a little laugh when she said this because I didn’t understand what she meant. It has been unravelling piece by piece for me. You see I went through quite a stretch in my life where I was told constantly that I wasn’t happy with anything. I was told this in the context of when I would achieve something or purchase something I had been wanting and it would be fantastic and I would shift my sights on to what’s next. To those around me, it was interpreted that I wasn’t happy with anything. But what I’ve learned when you put this together with my great aunt’s comment is, I see all the wonderful things, and I love when they come into my life, but my life isn’t complete/done/over at that point so I appreciate the beauty of what I have and continue on my journey.

What I realized was the timeframe in my life I just mentioned held me back from dreaming because I learned that dreams aren’t supposed to large and life long. I learned that dreams were those things you had when you slept but they weren’t about your life, or creating your future, or living as the best version of me. I learned that life happens to you, not for you. As I’ve remembered who I am at my heart level I realized I also need to learn how to remember to dream. At first, my inner chatter said, “come on. you can’t be serious, you can’t possibly have that or accomplish that.” But on my journey back to me I realized I always had a light inside that kept saying to me … “isn’t there more to life? Isn’t there more to me?” That was my dreamer voice, my reaching for the stars voice, and it is such an important voice.

Our dreams and our desires give us something to move toward, to strive for, to get excited about. The opportunities and possibilities in our life are truly endless if we have the courage to dream and allow ourselves to be open. I have many dreams now and when I close my eyes and picture them they seem so real. Will they turn out exactly the way I picture them now? I don’t know. What I do know is if I don’t dream large and take action steps to be the best version of me right now toward that dream then the dream won’t happen for sure. I’ve gathered enough evidence over my life to see when I dream and get excited and live life, amazing things happen. True they may not look exactly like I pictured but that’s because usually, they are even more wonderful than where my mind could go at the time.

I Dream, I Dream of Life and how I want to live it, be in it, enjoy it.

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