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Where do I fit?

Do you ever contemplate this question? I do. Typically it comes up when I’m battling my ego. I’ve spent most of my life wanting to fit in with whom I perceived as the “in crowd”. I’m not sure if they were the in-crowd but through my lens, everyone liked them and wanted to be around them. I still at times even now want that, but what I’ve learned is this comes from a place of not feeling worthy. It comes from a place of wanting to be seen instead of staying in my heart knowing that’s where I truly belong.

The search for my TRIBE also fits into this tug of war. I spend so much time searching for others that I forget the truest place I fit is in my own heart. How can I balance the egoic voice that says I don’t belong if I’m not centred in belonging in my own heart? It’s a tricky balance and thought process. 

I’m sure you have probably heard people say … you have to be your own best friend. I always thought that statement was trite. How can you be your own best friend? What I’ve come to realize is for me this is more of peacefulness at heart and a knowing that I’m okay being with myself. I’m complete being me. I think when you approach life from that place then you do find your tribe. You find the people that can be around you being peaceful in your heart space. 

Being you and knowing you belong in your own heart is key. It gives you a sense of peacefulness because you aren’t frantically looking outside of yourself for validation, acceptance, or worth. Instead, you know those things intrinsically. With that knowing, I believe our journey becomes deeper, richer, and juicer as we are now building on a stable foundation of knowing. With a foundation built that way, our journey can be as grand and as adventurous as our heart desires.

So the next time you wonder where do I fit, allow yourself to hear your heart whisper … right here in your heart!

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