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You are Mighty

“You are mighty and magnificent beyond measure, grasshopper. You are meant to blossom into the fullest expression of your unique badassery.” Jen Sincero

I quite like this quote as it hits home for me at the moment. Have you ever been going along and felt like you are holding yourself back? Have you ever been with a group of people and after a conversation you feel less than or like you don’t measure up? This has been happening to me lately. I couldn’t put my finger on the reason until I read the above quote and had a conversation with a brilliant friend of mine (Lynette Fioroni). 

What I realized was I was not being my authentic self when I was interacting with a group of friends. I was shifting myself to try and fit in. When we pull away from who we are, even if it’s only briefly, it can give us some unpleasant feelings.  What I found I was doing was hiding in the group. I wasn’t using my voice. I was coming away from conversations with my inner chatter reminding me how inferior I am. All these in turn made me start to dim my light and hold back. The shadow of doubt crept in.

Of course, as usual, when I’m in a spot like this I am offered a different way to look at things. The first was the quote reminding me I’m meant to blossom. The second was the conversation with Lynette in which she reminded me who I am and I don’t have to sit in that spot of feeling less than or apologizing for who I am. The third was the incredible clarity of thought and energy that swirled in as I sat in the knowing, I am mighty, I am unique, I am magnificent, and I matter.

We all have this might and magnificence within us and we are all meant to be the best version of ourselves possible. Sometimes we just need a little reminder of how truly unique we are to step forward again. I’m blessed to have special people in my life that I can talk with and be reminded of when on occasion I forget. I hope you have someone as well. If not please contact me and we can set up a short conversation to see if talking with me would be of assistance.

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