Angela Unlimited
100 years

I recently received a request from a friend, whose aunt is turning 100, too, if possible, send a birthday card. Due to COVID, the original grand party they had planned could not go forward so they wanted to be creative in another way to honour the occasion. This struck me on two levels. First wow, I’ve met this aunt and I would have never thought she was 100. Second wow, just think of the things this auntie has seen throughout her years.

It’s curious because my husband and I quite often have conversations about all the changes that have happened in our lifetime and this woman is a bit shy of double our age. In my lifetime the technological advancements have been staggering. The world has become a small place as we can jet off to all parts of it. The consumer products that are available grow each year. Even our access to different foods has changed. 

I’m sure some would wonder if this is advancement or would we be better off with a simpler way of life. I’m not sure because I enjoy traveling and seeing other parts of the world and being immersed in different cultures. But I suppose if I had never done that I wouldn’t know the difference. It sorta goes along with many of my other blogs. If I hadn’t had the experiences I’ve had in my life I wouldn’t be able to be of assistance to others. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t be living my life the way I am. I wouldn’t have come back to the journey of remembering who I am or creating Angela Unlimited.

I truly marvel at a woman who is 100 years old, full of life and is still a force to be reckoned with. It brings such warmth to my heart. What a dream to live to be 100 and be surrounded by people who care and want you to be happy on your special day. So many never get this and yet we all deserve it. 

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