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Courage to take in the Beauty

This morning I’m sitting looking out over a beautiful lake. The sun is glistening off the newly formed ice. The ice has taken the past three days to encase the water of the lake. Each day I have marvelled at Mother Nature’s ice building skill as I watched the lake form into this solid sheet of glass. Little by little until voila it was completely frozen, or at least the visible portion, as now it will continue to strengthen which won’t be as apparent.

As I watched this happening I was like a little kid with the curiosity of how much ice was forming. I was checking it, marvelling at it, and sending pictures to friends. What I realized this morning is I completely allowed myself to just be present with the simplicity and take in the beauty before me. I also realized it took courage to be at ease with being present. I had allowed myself the time and grace to just be present with this natural wonder.

I read a passage in Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now, the other day. To paraphrase what he was saying is the mind itself cannot see beauty and it is only when we are fully present in the now and our minds are not engaged and are quiet that we can see true beauty. One of the easiest places to practice this is in nature as we can sense the beauty and not allow our minds to take over. Once our mind kicks in it is a memory and we are viewing it from an unconscious state because we can no longer sense the essence.

It is because of the reading I have been doing and being blessed by Mother Nature with the spectacular views over the past few days that I realized it takes courage to take in the beauty around us. It takes courage because we have to have the courage to consciously be in the present and allow ourselves to experience things without all the mind chatter. When we are only coming from our mind chatter/inner chatter/egoic chatter we are unconsciously living our lives. When we harness the courage that lies within to listen to our heart voice/our inner knowing then we live our life from a conscious standpoint. To do this, we have to be courageous enough to live in the right here right now. The past is the past and the future is the future but the magic is right here right now and it takes courage to live in the present moment.

I see this as we all dare to live in the present and truly see/take in the beauty that surrounds us. It’s whether we choose to or not. Watching the ice form has been amazing as it has let me be completely present. This amazing sheet of glass has taught me that I have the courage and the capacity to be present and that the peacefulness and knowingness I feel inside while being conscious is fantastic. It is a space and a feeling I want more of every day. 

What I also realized as I look out at the lake while I type is when I’m in this place of consciousness, there are no shadows, there is only light and the calmness of being fully me.

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