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Energy and Thoughts

Have you ever noticed when your thoughts are positive you have more energy and your thoughts are clearer? I know that is the way for me. Today is a beautiful sunny day. I’m sitting writing this basking in the sun pouring through my front window. I woke this morning and set my intention for the day of one that would be full of energy, playfulness, getting things done, uplifting, and full of great conversations. I find when I set those intentions first thing in the morning my day goes exponentially expansive. Already today I have been ticking things off my action list and I had an amazing conversation with a fantastic woman who I have known for about 3 years but only recently am I truly just getting to know her. Our conversations are on a deeper level and I can sense she is opening and I think in part it is because I have decided to be more fully me in all circumstances.

When we choose to hold ourselves in the expansive energy we open ourselves up to so much more of ourselves. I have been choosing very diligently to be involved in conversations, work, and situations that are meaningful to me and that assist me to keep my energy level elevated. Life is too short my friends not to live your life as the best and fullest version of you. This is one of the reasons I do this blog. I’m hopeful that it will be of assistance to someone reading it. We all hear things at different times that we can take in.

When our energy is low and our thoughts are more negative, because these go hand in hand in my experience, it is hard to live the fullest version of who you are. In my experience, the reason is when you are in that energy and thought pattern all you can do is exist and survive. So here is something I would invite you to do if this is where you are at the moment … make one change. One change will start the ball rolling. When I’m in that spot I stop myself and think “who am I? I want more for my life than this!” That in itself changes my thought pattern because it sets my mind on a different trajectory. It sets it on a path of exploration for all my life can be and what I want from a deep heart space. Then I decide on one action to take and I take it. The beauty of taking one action is it leads to another one and another one. All these actions shift you from surviving to living. 

It may sound a bit trite to say everyday pick one thing to do that will make your heart sing. And by making your heart sing I mean it touches your heart. It will be different for each of us because we are uniquely ourselves. And in my experience, it will change all the time. I’ll give you a couple of examples from my life. One thing that makes my heart sing is having an amazing conversation and I did that this morning so my heart is happily buzzing along as I write this blog. Another example is writing this blog because my heart is happy when I feel like my words might make a difference in someone else’s life. I may never know the person I make a difference with as they may never contact me or leave a comment but my heart sings with the possibility. The final example I’ll give you is seemingly small … I took a dresser drawer out of my dresser this morning and laid out all the contents on my bed so I could sort them and keep what serves me and get rid of everything else. The act of clearing space today is making my heart sing. 

I’ll leave you with this thought … we have a choice on how to go through our lives but you are the only one that can make your choices. Even deciding to do nothing is a choice. I would invite you to look into your heart and feel the courage you have in there. With that feeling think of how you would like your day to go, how you want to feel, and allow yourself to dream about tomorrow. Our unique lives can be so spectacular when we tap into doing things every day to make your heart sing. Pick your one thing for today and let it build from there!

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