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Do you have a practice to assist you to clear your thoughts or gather your thoughts? I do and my practice is journalling. I use a pen and a journal that makes me happy. This journal is where I work out things that are going through my mind whether they be happy, sad, or angry. Sometimes they are things I’m not even sure of I just know there is something that needs to come out. And for me, it is most helpful when they come through my hand, into my pen, and onto the page of my journal.

I have used this practice for many years. I have filled countless numbers of journals and emptied many ink carriages. For me, this is the one consistent practice that opens me and allows me to move through things. If you have things rumbling around in your brain maybe give it a try. In my experience, it is always better to get these things out instead of letting them continue to roll because sometimes they fester and explode otherwise.

I also find journalling allows me to find my words. It is a safe space to explore ideas and gather my thoughts to make decisions. I’m not always ready to have a conversation out loud because I know my thoughts aren’t completely formed yet and I want to make sure that my conversations are meaningful, expressive, and move things forward. When I head fully in without letting my thoughts gather coherently most times I’m not happy with how the conversation has gone and I end up feeling in a worse space almost like I have done a disservice to myself.

My journalling practice is also where I write my hopes and dreams. It’s where I express my gratitude. I do this daily. I use to keep several journals thinking I need one that was for sorting stuff out. One for the hopes and dreams. One for gratitude. It was like I thought they couldn’t mix. Then through a conversation with my husband, I realized, why am I keeping different journals. This is all me and I am a whole person so why should I separate my journalling. These days I have one journal for everything and when I complete my writing I’m normally at a place of peacefulness, calmness. Even when I know some action items are needing to happen from my journaled thoughts I have the peace of knowing there’s a direction to move forward. 

Journalling is my practice to set my mind at ease. I would suggest if you don’t already have a practice that you embark on an adventure to find one. I also have a daily practice of meditating so it can be one thing or a combination of things. What I have learned is when I don’t use these practices my mind can go sideways making my thoughts less clear, me feeling anxious, and I’m less creative. I received clear evidence of this yesterday as I hopped out of bed with a start, showered quickly, and sat down at my desk to plow into work. Within minutes I could feel anxiety welling up inside me. I even mentioned it to my husband because my brain was doing what is this all about and he said “you didn’t start your morning how you normally do.” My response was “ah, you are right. Such a good reminder.” So what do you think I did first thing this morning before diving into my workday? I let my pen glide across the paper and let my heart’s knowing pour through.

My hope in sharing my practice of journalling is you can find a practice that works for you to set the tone of your day and allow you to live your day fully being your magnificent self!

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