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Listen to Your Heart

I came across a quote the other day that I would like to share.

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” – Roy T. Bennett

If you have read many of my blogs you know that I talk a lot about listening to your inner knowing and not your inner chatter. Well, that’s what this quote is all about. Our inner chatter likes to have us live in a state of fear. It comes at it from many different angles and if listened to can have you in a state of not knowing who you are. For me when my inner chatter was the loudest I questioned every move, every decision, and it was all fear-based. Fear of not being loved. Fear of not being enough. Fear of not fitting in. Fear of being found out that I wasn’t smart. From this, I think you can get a sense of the different angles your inner chatter will use fear against you. 

When you are listening to that voice at that volume and level you can’t hear your inner voice. Because your inner chatter drowns it out. You also can’t dream because your inner chatter tells you it isn’t real and it won’t come true. I was in that position for a long time and I gave up on my dreams because I thought I knew they wouldn’t come true. Well in the spot I was in at that time in my life they wouldn’t have come true. They had no room to breathe and grow. I was too busy putting other people’s wants and needs ahead of my own. So I set my dreams aside and let the fear consume me.

Here is the interesting thing about life though if your dreams are dreamed from the heart and they keep coming up then at some point they will come true. I had a dream to visit Africa and see the animals on the Serengeti. I had let that dream slide away because my inner chatter told me there was no way that was going to happen and I believed it because of where I was in my life. However, when I started toning down the inner chatter and started to believe in me can, you can guess what happened? An opportunity came up for me to visit the Serengeti and it was a trip of a lifetime. 

After my trip, I started to feel in my heart that maybe my dreams could come true. Several more have come true since that time and I’m working on a few more even as I type this blog. I always wanted to write but I was told I wasn’t any good at it. I used to get teased about my writing and was also told at one point that I was going to get a bucket of commas for Christmas. But I had a dream to write and here I am writing away.

These days I let the dreams in my heart lead me on my journey. Most of the time I have no idea how I’m going to achieve them but that is part of the adventure we are on. My life has changed in so many fabulous ways since I started listening more to my heart (my inner knowing) and less to my head (my inner chatter). It takes a bit of practice and some courage to make the shift but if you are reading this I bet you are up for the adventure. So try each day to tone down the inner chatter and let the fear subside into the shadowy existence it is because you deserve to have your dreams become reality and you can do that by listening to your inner knowing and letting your heart lead.

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