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Put Your Hand on Your Heart

What would happen if each morning you put your hand on your heart and asked the question, what does my heart want me to know today? I quite often do this when I’m meditating because for me when I get my mind quiet I can hear the whispers of my heart. The messages that come are feelings and thoughts about other things but they tend to be around a way of being and fully showing up in the world.

Your heart will not lead you astray if you listen to it and act on it. Your mind will lead you astray because it has an agenda to keep you safe and have you live in fear. Your heart wants you to live fully and be your unique self. It does not expect that you are perfect so if you try something and fail it will encourage you to try something new. It has taken me some time to learn but through my experiences, I’ve realized when I protect myself and live in my head with that fear niggle in the background the things I try are so much harder, and even when I do succeed it doesn’t have the same feeling of accomplishment or joy. There is an old thought that if you never failed how would you know success or if you never had anything sad happen how would you know joy. I would say it more along the lines if you don’t listen to your heart and try things what part of your life are you leaving unlived? What glorious part of you is the world missing out on? What joys are you missing out on? Some might see this in different ways but for me, I want to make sure that if this was my last day I don’t want to have the thought … I wish I had!

I’ve spent so much of my life worrying about judgement, opinion, and failure. All of those items lead to me living a life of feeling worth-less than others and like I didn’t belong. What I had forgotten over the years is the only place I need to belong is in my own heart. That is where the truth of me lies. If in that space I am whole and feel joyful and fulfilled then really does anyone else’s opinion of me matter. The heart answer is no. 

Tomorrow when you start your day I invite you to place your hand on your heart and ask what do I need to know today and see what happens. It might take a few mornings of doing this before your inner chatter/monkey mind will let it come through but when it does you will know. I can’t tell you exactly what it will look like, sound like, or feel like because we are all unique. What I can tell you is that you will know. It truly is a magnificent place to live from and when you are there your inner magnificence is shining bright and you are living fully as you.

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