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Choices (series) – Post 5 of 5

Navigating our choices can sometimes feel like a daunting task. I think that is why sometimes we feel we don’t have any choices because it is easier to live in the status quo. Easier to survive that way and not stick our heads above the surface. My question is, is that the way life is supposed to be? I know my answer to that is No. Life is supposed to be way more meaningful, joyful, peaceful, beautiful. I could list several other adjectives but I will leave it at that for now. I suspect you potentially feel the same way or you wouldn’t have continued reading this series. I would also suspect you are looking for more out of life. Knowing there is more to you than what you have been living. Here’s where I’m going to say, there is more to you. I’m also going to say I know without a doubt you have the courage to make the choices to change your life. I know this because I use to ask myself all the time “isn’t there more to me than this”. It all starts by choosing something other than the status quo and the first choice doesn’t have to be huge. Make a choice and take a step. It will be a bit scary because you are probably worried about getting it wrong if you are anything like I was. But here is the part we all forget. It doesn’t matter. If we make a choice and it doesn’t turn out the way we thought, make another choice, and see where it goes. One thing that is for certain if you don’t make choices your situation will never change. No choices mean no action which means no movement. Funny enough that is a choice. You are choosing not to choose.

It is a complicated world we live in and in part that is because we make it complicated. If we can go back to remembering we have choices and we get to choose ourselves and our lives things can become simpler. The simplicity is in the beauty of living. Enjoying our life and living fully as ourselves in all our uniqueness and magnificence. Along the way, I made a choice not to live that way because it was too painful and felt too hard. Interestingly for me, it got to a point where the pain overtook my life and I started making choices. Now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Choices allow me to live and be an active part of my life. I’m not saying every choice is easy because they aren’t. But when we realize we have choices in every aspect of our life that is when we truly choose to live. 

It takes a courageous heart to be open to choices and to continue to make them and live your life fully. It is my belief we weren’t born to exist through our life. We were born to live our best life. Doing that means making choices. Those choices take us on the adventurer of life and can truly take us to some spectacular places if we are willing to choose and go.

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