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I am enough!

Thoughts and patterns run through my head all the time. I’m often fascinated by where some of these thoughts and patterns have come from because at the time they seem foreign to me. I know that I did not come into this world as a tiny little girl thinking “am I enough?” It was a given because I didn’t know any different. 

Through the years as I started questioning and doubting all there was all the questioning and doubting turned onto myself. I learned from several different sources that I didn’t measure up to the picture and expectations others had of me. Internally it made me feel worth-less than others. My egoic mind reminded me in a nanosecond how much smarter everyone else was and how much more capable they were. Have you ever felt like that? If so you know what a horrible feeling it is and how it can paralyze you.

Over time through different experiences, I was reminded I’m exactly who I was meant to be and that I do matter because there is only one me. I’m uniquely Angela just like you are uniquely you. This is a thought process we need to be diligent with because if not the shadow of doubt can creep in and we start to question our worthiness again. 

One of my practices, as you may have read in other posts, is I journal to work things out and let go of things. The other week I had a couple of off days. I let the feelings rumble around so as not to get attached to them and take them on which would have made me feel even worse.  I reached out to a friend for some clarity on one thing that was troubling me. Her response made sense but I still had to let it sit there for a bit more. Then the next morning I re-read her response and it clicked. I started to write in my journal and the words came slowly at first and then they started tumbling out. 

As the words tumbled onto the page the following words came out … “I am enough and I’ve always been enough. It is just time to be me.” It was such a great reminder for me and as more words poured I became peaceful and calm. The weight of the last couple of days melted away and my mind was clear. 

I think it is a great thought to remind ourselves of routinely … I AM ENOUGH! We can get caught up in the day-to-day, take on other people’s stuff, and let the past creep into our present. When this happens we can forget how far we have come and we can forget how special and unique we are. When that happens please say to yourself or write it down … I am enough … because I’m here to remind you that you always were and you always will be. 

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