Angela’s Message

I was raised in a gorgeous area of Ontario, Canada and now live in South Western, Ontario, Canada. At three years old, I was a talkative, carefree little girl who was truly full of sparkle. Life was wonderful, I would play, talk, and laugh out loud! It truly felt like life had no limits. However, as I grew up I was regularly told to be quiet and to stop behaving the way I was. Throughout my early and teenage years, the message that I internalized was to truly be me was not acceptable. I should change myself and conform to how everyone else wanted me to be. This never came from just one source but several and in many different forms. I carried these teachings into my adult life. As an adult, new layers of these internalized messages mounted and my internal chatter grew, and the light inside me dimmed. That light was almost extinguished until I came to a turning point in my life. I was given a clear message it was time to wake up. 

I knew I had to find me and remember who I truly am. 

That pivotal point was several years ago. And about four years ago I embarked on a journey or I should say I began to reclaim the journey of my life. With the assistance of some incredible souls I have remembered who I am and once again am living my life with sparkle. Through that remembrance I decided I wanted to pay forward my journey to women of all ages. I want women to know in their hearts that they are special, and it is okay to be seen, heard, and to laugh out loud. 

My journey has had many tears and some painful parts, but I don’t regret any of them because it brought me to here and has led me to embarking on this new venture…. Angela Unlimited. I have learned that I do have things to offer, and those are my voice and my heart. It is my heart felt pleasure to work with women. To help them, to find the confidence to use their voices, and to let their laughter be heard around the world.

The experience I bring to the table … is life … and the desire to help women stop living in the shadows. We are all meant to live our best life … we are here for a defined time so instead of being buried under the layers heaped onto us by society, family, expectations, and our inner chatter, why not be 1,000% who we truly are for the whole time!

I want, to be that person that I could have used along the way. That mentor, which would have helped me to understand that being ME is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s better than that. I want to share that women can live a life of unlimited joy, but we need each other along the way. I want to be there for them.