Angela Wilson was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and still resides there. She attended school obtaining her Honours Degree in Business Administration (majoring in accounting). After university she obtained her designation as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). This designation is now under the umbrella of a Certified Public Accountant or CPA.

So that’s the formal Angela Wilson … who is the Angela she wants you to meet … well she is the budding entrepreneur that created Angela Unlimited. She created this venture as she spent most of her life living in the shadows. You know the ones where little girls are supposed to be seen and not heard. Where you hide and your inner chatter gets so loud that it’s deafening. Yes, she spent a good portion of her life morphing and changing into what others wanted, based on the messages she internalized. It truly got to a point where she was so buried under layers heaped on by society, family, and expectations that the sparkle inside her was almost extinguished. 

Angela Unlimited started as a seed about nine years ago. At a point when she was trying to figure out her life and understand how she had ended up where she was.  Then three years ago it popped up again in conversation with her husband while travelling through Spain. Over the last two years she has been headed directly towards this venture as she truly wants to pay forward her journey to other women.

Through her journey she has been through many ups and downs. Along the way she could have used someone to help her understand that being ANGELA is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s better than fine – it is great! So, she decided to create Angela Unlimited because she wants to share with women that they can live a life of unlimited everything. She wants to be that someone for YOU, that she could have used.