What Part Do Emotions Play

Have you ever wondered about your emotions? I have. I learned at a very early age to turn them off. You see I learned showing emotion was a weakness and we will have none of that thank you very much. Funny I joke about it now but I had a hard time figuring out what […]

Your Voice is Precious

Have you ever wondered if your voice had a purpose all of its own? I believe it does and here’s why. In my view your voice allows others to experience the essence of you. Oh my gosh, what a scary thing right. For others to hear you and experience who you truly are. Well here […]

Hidden Treasures

I have been thinking a lot about our hidden treasures. You know those things inside each of us that are unique to just us … our hidden uniqueness … our hidden treasure. It is my experience that we overlook those unique parts of us as we don’t see them as special. Can you imagine a […]

Time Passes, Time is Precious

No truer words than time passes and time is precious.  It’s funny I remember as a younger woman my Dad saying to me “as you get older time seems to speed up.” At the time I thought okay Dad “whatever you say.” However what I’ve come to realize is, it is truly the case. The […]

What fills your cup?

This is an interesting little question. It was part of a post a friend made. It got me to thinking this morning as I knew there was something to write about but it wasn’t coming to the surface and boy was I distracting myself. That’s when I say her post … yep, one of my […]

Luxury? Yes or No?

How do you view self-care and putting yourself first? This is an area that has always been a struggle for me at least perceptively. It has been a block for a long time until it dawned on me that I see putting myself first/self-care as a luxury.  It’s fascinating how our inner chatter takes over […]

Words get the Ball Rolling

The words I wrote this morning on my message board were Awareness, Choices, Action. Always listen to your inner knowing. Awareness relates to being aware of what is going on with you and then asking the best questions about it. For example, if your mood is off, be aware of it and then ask yourself […]

Be on the Dance Floor!

“Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.” Jackson Browne This quote for me is really resonating at the moment. The quote indicates that you have to be living life (on the dance floor) for opportunities to be available to you. I liken this too if you are sitting on the couch […]

The Bully Lurking in Your Shadow

Is there a Bully lurking in your shadow? There has been one in mine for a long time. Do you spend time protecting yourself, hiding, being small, feeling less than? Does a lot of that come from the voice of your inner chatter? Well, then you have a bully in your shadow because you are […]


We have to matter on the inside. Mattering is not an outward concept. We have been taught when we outwardly matter that increases our value, our worth. But the reality is all of that has to be anchored, rooted, and known on the inside for us to feel valuable and worthy.  For some of us, […]