Teasing/Joking vs Bullying

This is a subject that is very near and dear to me. Throughout the writing of a presentation I was reminded how often in my life I have had cruel and hurtful things said to me under the guise of teasing or joking. You know how that goes, a person says something mean to you […]

Fall to Winter!

Living in southern Ontario we go through a change of seasons. Right now, we are coming near to the end of fall and the weather is getting colder and soon winter will be upon us.  For me the changing of seasons can be joyous, reflective, sad, and sometimes a mix of all of these. You […]

Nature’s Beauty

I’m sitting in my home in south western Ontario looking out at the maple tree in our front yard,  standing in all its colourful glory. The leaves are gently rustling in the wind. It is standing tall, strong, and it seems like in full knowing of its purpose. The silent beauty surrounds me but I […]

Scattered Thinking

When does scattered thinking come about and why?  This is a question I have been asking myself this morning as I bounce from thing to thing to thing. I believe it varies for most people, but it’s most prevalent for me when I am not in my heart space of being centred and focused. How […]

Life Has No Remote

I read a quote that a friend posted and it went like this: Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself. (author was Mark A. Cooper) This quote really resonated with me as I think so many people get caught up in the place of being unhappy where they are. They get into […]

Remembering Your Inner Magnificence Day:

I was texting with a friend this morning and told her about a recent event and it hit me, yep, I was showing up and letting people see me and it was all okay. I mentioned to her two different instances that had happened recently. One was just yesterday. I had a wonderful conversation with […]

Moving Forward

I was on a call recently with a like-minded group of individuals whom I get together with as often as possible. We have all gone through our things over time and we have all shared a great deal about those and ourselves. It is a gorgeous supportive group I consider myself to be blessed to […]

Valentine’s Day

I read a number of things this morning with regards to love. Some of them were the things we typically think about that would be written inside a card. One I read was, love grows stronger through the years because love is based on respect for another and as our respect grows so does our […]

Some Exit and Some Stay – Be YOU

The thoughts flowing through my mind today are about people who come into our lives. I think the reason for these thoughts is because I got to spend time on the weekend with dear friends and was able to Skype with others. I have to admit my heart was definitely full of love. These thoughts […]


We hear in almost every conversation these days, or at least this is how it feels, about the Millennial generation and how entitled they are. When I wrote the word entitlement what I meant was people feeling entitled to know what you are thinking, doing, feeling. I’m talking about those people who feel they have […]