We hear in almost every conversation these days, or at least this is how it feels, about the Millennial generation and how entitled they are. When I wrote the word entitlement what I meant was people feeling entitled to know what you are thinking, doing, feeling. I’m talking about those people who feel they have […]

Actions and Words Matter but Should They?

“Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.” Ralph Waldo Emmerson, 1803 – 1882 Actions and words matching matter, but should they? I had an experience today that really set me off. I have a person in my life who tells me all the time how important I am to them. […]

Stop Bullying and Be Proud of Yourself!

I had an experience twice in the last two days that showed me I can be proud of myself and stop the self-bullying. I realized this morning and sat down to write this as a sense of pride, not from the standpoint of being arrogant, which is something I can’t stand or tolerate, but from […]

Beauty, Bullying, and Why Should We Care!

There is so much beauty that surrounds us. On a daily basis the beauty that comes into our line of vision is astounding. As I look out my window right now, I can see that it is a cold, blustery day and some would say “brrrr…. It looks horrible out there… it is way too […]

Hear the Real Voice of Your Heart.

So many thoughts go through my head so often. I really do wonder sometimes how I keep anything straight at all. One thing I have always had is a good memory. When I read, I remember all kinds of detail. To be honest when I was really little, I liked reading. I had a number […]

We Perceive We Are Small

Isn’t it funny how we perceive we are small. We perceive that the world is so grand and that in order to make it out there we have to be this larger than life person. We have to struggle, and we have to pay our dues. Yep, work hard so that you can enjoy life […]


The thought occurred to me this morning as I lay in bed not feeling great after not sleeping most of the night. After all these years I’m still abusing my body and it has done nothing but love me and try to assist me to enjoy life.  When I was little, I was always taller […]