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Living Out Loud Book
Are you living the life of your dreams and desires? The life you want, and the life you deserve to be living, every minute of every day?

Or are you living a life that is limited? A life where you hide your true self away from the world? Do you feel like there should be more to life, and more to you?

Living Out Loud is a self-empowering book that gives you the tools, justification, and encouragement to design a life of Unlimited possibilities. Angela Wilson shares her journey, from a sparkly three-year-old who knew no limits, ultimately to an adult woman, living a life that was progressively more limited. A life in the shadows, only trying to be the person that others showed her they wanted her to be. And finally, to today, living a life of unlimited possibilities.

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“Angela’s journey is a multi-layered story of bullying and low self esteem. Step by step Angela shows us that what comes “after” counts way more than what went “before”. Proof that the possibilities are endless when you believe in yourself. Now each day for her is a step forward. Angela’s story is a must read for anyone who has suffered with these issues.”

– Kenza Warburton

Angela will take you on the journey:

  • To explore what mindsets are limiting you from living the life you deserve.
  • That is an adventure of possibility and designing the life you deserve.
  • Providing you with techniques to allow you to be seen for who you are, to use your voice, and to stand strong in the life you are here to live.

“Angela Wilson has provided a great space to create a positive and welcoming relationship with money. I am much more confident and excited to live my life knowing that I now have the tools and knowledge to control my dreams!”

– Rachel Becker

“Working with Angela has transformed my relationship to my personal finances as well as my beliefs surrounding money and abundance. Angela consistently encourages me to dream bigger and more creatively; when I do, she is prepared with multiple ways that my present or future financial situation can help accomplish my goals. Every session with Angela has left me more empowered and confident in making informed and heart centered decisions about my future. I am deeply grateful for the wisdom she has imparted to me, guiding me to deeply honor and invest in myself and my dreams. I cannot imagine a better combination of intelligence/left-brain competence and genuine compassion and encouragement than that which Angela naturally brings to her financial coaching. I’d recommend her again and again!”

– Charlette Jones

“When I attended Angela Wilson’s workshop, I thought it would just be a refresher on information I already knew; I left the program with a greater understanding of my attitudes toward money, and with very new ideas around making it work for me. I am much more motivated, and I’m confident that, not only can I meet my current goals, I can surpass them!

Then I read Angela’s book.

I think that anyone who reads this book will connect with the content in some way – we all have that inner chatter, telling us that we can’t do things. The voice is especially strong in girls, because not only is it parents, teachers, and friends; it’s also books, tv, movies and magazines!
I LOVED it!”

– Tania McClean