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Services Offered by Angela Unlimited

Angela assists women to tap into their inner courage, empower them to start living by their own story and the life they deserve, and have money become a tool in that life.

“Angela Unlimited has provided a great space to create a positive and welcoming relationship with money. I am much more confident and excited to live my life knowing that I now have the tools and knowledge to control my dreams!”

– Rachel Becker, April 8/22

“I came into Standing Strong in Your Money thinking it would just be a refresher on information I already knew. I left the program with a greater understanding of my attitudes toward money, and with very new ideas around making it work for me. I am much more motivated, and I’m confident that, not only can I meet my current goals, I can surpass them!”

– Tania McClean, April 4/22

"Angela’s workshop, Mastering Your Money Mindset, was so helpful but really, more than that. It made me realize that in order to have more ‘fun’, I needed to make it a priority, which meant including it in my budget. Whether it’s date night or a trip of a lifetime, Angela helps you see that you are worthy of your dreams and helps you achieve that mindset."

– Candice Snyder

Coaching Programs

Angela offers Free Workshops, 1 on 1 Coaching and Group Programs.

Money is Simply a Tool Series:
  • Free workshop – Mastering Your Money Mindset
  •  6 week group program – Standing Strong in Your Money
  •  1:1 coaching – 1 year (Fearless Financial Journey), 6 months (Accelerated Fearless Financial Journey), customized
Living Out Loud Series:
  • Free Workshop – Mastering Creating Choices in Your Life
  • 6 week group program – Standing Strong in Your Life
  • 1:1 coaching – 1 year (Fearless Journey to a Life of Unlimited Possibilities), 6 month (Fast Track to a Life of Unlimited Possibilities)

Motivational Speaker

Angela assist women to tap into their inner courage, empower them to start living by their own story and the life they deserve, and have money become a tool in that life.

Angela has had the opportunity to be on several stages in the US and Canada both virtually and in-person.

Some of these include: The Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit, Flow Retreat in San Antonio Texas, Bliss Retreat Mexican Riviera Cruise, Central Valley Polka Dots Chapter meeting, and Business and Professional Women of Cambridge, Ontario meeting.

In addition to being on stage Angela has been on several podcasts. Some of these include: Aim4U Ladies, Exponential Potential Podcast, and Passion Purpose and Possibilities.

One of Angela’s passions is speaking to women’s groups on various topics such as:

  • Living Out Loud
  • Being Your Authentic Self
  • Keys to Designing Your Life of Unlimited
  • Possibilities
  • Empowering women
  • Transforming Your Relationship with Money
Living Out Loud Book


Angela  started 2023 by releasing  her first book,  “Living Out Loud”. 

Readers will gain insights, encouragement, and motivation to move from where their life has been, to where they want it to be. They will find out they are not alone! Their journey of self-discovery, remembering, embracing,(and rekindling) who they really are, is guided by Angela. She shows women how to begin the journey back to living life away from the shadows.