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Energy and Thoughts

Have you ever noticed when your thoughts are positive you have more energy and your thoughts are clearer? I know that is the way for me. Today is a beautiful sunny day. I’m sitting writing this basking in the sun pouring through my front window. I woke this morning and set my intention for the […]

Listen to Your Heart

I came across a quote the other day that I would like to share. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” – Roy T. Bennett If you have read many of my blogs you know that I talk a lot about listening to your inner […]

Is a Box just a Box?

There are many types of boxes in the world. There are cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, and the boxes we put ourselves in and others put us in. All of these types of boxes impact our lives. They can be heavy or weigh heavily on us. Do some boxes do both? I’d like to explore this […]

Courage to take in the Beauty

This morning I’m sitting looking out over a beautiful lake. The sun is glistening off the newly formed ice. The ice has taken the past three days to encase the water of the lake. Each day I have marvelled at Mother Nature’s ice building skill as I watched the lake form into this solid sheet […]

You are Mighty

“You are mighty and magnificent beyond measure, grasshopper. You are meant to blossom into the fullest expression of your unique badassery.” Jen Sincero I quite like this quote as it hits home for me at the moment. Have you ever been going along and felt like you are holding yourself back? Have you ever been […]


Do you ever have words that float through your mind? I do. It happens quite frequently actually. It’s the words that waft through that are the ones of particular interest to me as these are the ones that are coming from my inner knowing, my inner self. You may have experienced them as words, a […]


Is courage just a word we use to describe the people we think do extremely brave things? Until recently that’s the way I viewed it. I’ve had the word courageous used in reference to myself, but I didn’t feel it fit. You see I was using the word to relate to soldiers, fire fighters, police […]

Hidden Treasures

I have been thinking a lot about our hidden treasures. You know those things inside each of us that are unique to just us … our hidden uniqueness … our hidden treasure. It is my experience that we overlook those unique parts of us as we don’t see them as special. Can you imagine a […]

Time Passes, Time is Precious

No truer words than time passes and time is precious.  It’s funny I remember as a younger woman my Dad saying to me “as you get older time seems to speed up.” At the time I thought okay Dad “whatever you say.” However what I’ve come to realize is, it is truly the case. The […]

Unlimited Sunshine

We all have times when our feelings inside start making us question and wonder about things. Recently I’ve had a feeling of isolation. Lots of times when I get this feeling I retreat because my Inner Chatter says no one reaches out to you so you don’t matter. But this time I reached out as […]