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Is a Box just a Box?

There are many types of boxes in the world. There are cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, and the boxes we put ourselves in and others put us in. All of these types of boxes impact our lives. They can be heavy or weigh heavily on us. Do some boxes do both? I’d like to explore this […]


I think the promises we make to ourselves are some of the most important there are. Yes, all promises are important but the ones we make to ourselves carry extra weight. I think it is easy to not carry through on and fulfill promises to ourselves because we put others first and leave ourselves to […]

Deep Breath, See the Beauty!

This morning I looked out the front door and saw snowflakes falling lazily in the sunlight. My first reaction was … ugh snow but then I took a deep breath in and stood and watched the beautiful little crystal shapes playing in the wind while dancing in the sun. My next thought was … how […]

What Part Do Emotions Play

Have you ever wondered about your emotions? I have. I learned at a very early age to turn them off. You see I learned showing emotion was a weakness and we will have none of that thank you very much. Funny I joke about it now but I had a hard time figuring out what […]

Shadow Self and Shadowboxing

I’m reading a really interesting book at the moment. The title is Falling Upward and it was written by Richard Rohr. As I was reading this morning the following two quotes jumped out at me. “Invariably when something upsets you, and you have a strong emotional reaction out of proportion to the moment, your shadow […]