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Do you ever have words that float through your mind? I do. It happens quite frequently actually. It’s the words that waft through that are the ones of particular interest to me as these are the ones that are coming from my inner knowing, my inner self. You may have experienced them as words, a […]


Is courage just a word we use to describe the people we think do extremely brave things? Until recently that’s the way I viewed it. I’ve had the word courageous used in reference to myself, but I didn’t feel it fit. You see I was using the word to relate to soldiers, fire fighters, police […]

Your Voice is Precious

Have you ever wondered if your voice had a purpose all of its own? I believe it does and here’s why. In my view your voice allows others to experience the essence of you. Oh my gosh, what a scary thing right. For others to hear you and experience who you truly are. Well here […]

Time Passes, Time is Precious

No truer words than time passes and time is precious.  It’s funny I remember as a younger woman my Dad saying to me “as you get older time seems to speed up.” At the time I thought okay Dad “whatever you say.” However what I’ve come to realize is, it is truly the case. The […]

The Bully Lurking in Your Shadow

Is there a Bully lurking in your shadow? There has been one in mine for a long time. Do you spend time protecting yourself, hiding, being small, feeling less than? Does a lot of that come from the voice of your inner chatter? Well, then you have a bully in your shadow because you are […]

Conversations, Openings, Freedom

I don’t know if you have ever experienced this but I have. I did, within the last week. You go through what feels like a downturn. A dark hour, day, or maybe days. I think right now, with all that is going on in the world, with being isolated, it has increased the occurrences and […]

I Know There Is More

I have to keep moving forward. My way is my way and no one else’s. What works for me can be a suggestion from others to try, to help me decipher their way. The kicker is no one can say this is exactly the thing you need to do because it won’t work. My knowledge, […]