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Where do you feel the call of Home?

This question came to me this morning as I journal and I’m sitting gazing out at trees dancing in the wind as they are being coated with snow. It is beautiful to watch as I sit in front of the warm fireplace. The other thing I’m surrounded by is the rock of the great Canadian Shield. I grew up calling this shield rock. It’s fascinating because I don’t feel a particular call to where I grew up but I do feel a draw to the rock. 

The rock for me has an energy that grounds me and heightens my serenity. It reminds me of the strength in nature and dazzles me with its varying colour and aspects.  To me, there is nowhere else like it and I will always call this area home.

Do you have a place or something in nature that calls to you as this does to me? I think it’s worth exploring to find a place where your essence finds that peacefulness, that connectedness. For me it always feels good when I can be in that place where I’m so at ease. It allows me to be present with all around me. It allows me to see the beautiful treats Mother Nature is offering because sometimes in my day-to-day life I have to be more conscious/mindful to stop and look at the beauty. Whereas, when I’m in a place where my energy seems to hum with the earth (such as on the shield) there is no having to be mindful, my eyes just see the beauty.

I hope you take a moment to explore if you have found a place such as I have and if not I might suggest you go on a conscious search to find such a place. Having a spot where your energy hums with the earth is magical and it recharges you. A magnificent feeling worth searching for!

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