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Put Your Hand on Your Heart

What would happen if each morning you put your hand on your heart and asked the question, what does my heart want me to know today? I quite often do this when I’m meditating because for me when I get my mind quiet I can hear the whispers of my heart. The messages that come […]

Energy and Thoughts

Have you ever noticed when your thoughts are positive you have more energy and your thoughts are clearer? I know that is the way for me. Today is a beautiful sunny day. I’m sitting writing this basking in the sun pouring through my front window. I woke this morning and set my intention for the […]


Do you have a practice to assist you to clear your thoughts or gather your thoughts? I do and my practice is journalling. I use a pen and a journal that makes me happy. This journal is where I work out things that are going through my mind whether they be happy, sad, or angry. […]

Listen to Your Heart

I came across a quote the other day that I would like to share. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” – Roy T. Bennett If you have read many of my blogs you know that I talk a lot about listening to your inner […]

Courage to take in the Beauty

This morning I’m sitting looking out over a beautiful lake. The sun is glistening off the newly formed ice. The ice has taken the past three days to encase the water of the lake. Each day I have marvelled at Mother Nature’s ice building skill as I watched the lake form into this solid sheet […]

Why Do We Second Guess Ourselves?

Have you ever been doing something and think “oh my gosh did I do that right?” This happens to me. It used to be quite paralyzing. I would make myself crazy with the mental gymnastics of trying to figure out the exact right steps, the right words, the right whatever. What I have learned is […]

Where do you feel the call of Home?

This question came to me this morning as I journal and I’m sitting gazing out at trees dancing in the wind as they are being coated with snow. It is beautiful to watch as I sit in front of the warm fireplace. The other thing I’m surrounded by is the rock of the great Canadian […]

You are Mighty

“You are mighty and magnificent beyond measure, grasshopper. You are meant to blossom into the fullest expression of your unique badassery.” Jen Sincero I quite like this quote as it hits home for me at the moment. Have you ever been going along and felt like you are holding yourself back? Have you ever been […]

Where do I fit?

Do you ever contemplate this question? I do. Typically it comes up when I’m battling my ego. I’ve spent most of my life wanting to fit in with whom I perceived as the “in crowd”. I’m not sure if they were the in-crowd but through my lens, everyone liked them and wanted to be around […]

I Dream, I Dream of Life

Have you stopped lately and wondered what do I truly want my life to look like? Am I living my life as the best version of myself? A few years ago my answers to those questions would be very different. To be honest even about a week ago those answers would have been different. You […]