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What fills your cup?

This is an interesting little question. It was part of a post a friend made. It got me to thinking this morning as I knew there was something to write about but it wasn’t coming to the surface and boy was I distracting myself. That’s when I say her post … yep, one of my distractions was checking to see what might be on FaceBook to see. Funny how that distraction focused me and the writing commenced.

You see I loved the idea of taking time to see what fills my cup up each day. There will be overarching things for sure. A couple of those for me would be feeling like I’m living life fully and having great conversations. But on any given day you could start your day by thinking, what would fill my cup today? 

As I wrote, some things that I have been bouncing around became clear. Also, I got very clear on how I wanted to spend my day today. I knew there was a certain amount of work I wanted to accomplish as that would make me feel great but also I knew I wanted to go out for a ride. So I did just that … I split my time between work and doing something else I love, just for the enjoyment of it. You see as I was thinking this morning what would fill my cup up I knew joy in my heart and a smile on my face was the ticket.

So I would ask you what appears to be a simple question … what fills your cup? I would love for you to drop me a line on what you came up with and who knows it might start up a great conversation.

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