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Deep Breath, See the Beauty!

This morning I looked out the front door and saw snowflakes falling lazily in the sunlight. My first reaction was … ugh snow but then I took a deep breath in and stood and watched the beautiful little crystal shapes playing in the wind while dancing in the sun. My next thought was … how pretty. If I hadn’t stopped and taken that breath I would have missed the beauty Mother Nature was providing for me. She had taken the time to have the snowflakes at just the right angle in the sun so that they sparkled.

I’m not sure about you but I miss the beauty around me at times because I’m not present enough to pay attention. I rush from one task to the next and at times barely take time to breathe. Oh, it’s a good thing that Mother Nature took care of that whole breathing task or I’m sure I would have to set an alarm just like I do with so many things to remember. Why do we hustle and bustle so much and don’t take the time to see the simple beauty around us?

I think for some of us that answer would be fear. The fear of not getting everything done, which means failure or being judged for not accomplishing enough. That judgement may come from the outside or from within. It might also be a fear of not being relevant. We have to do as much as possible so that people will notice us and respect us and want us around. Ah, fear it’s what keeps us on the ever looping treadmill of doubt and running in the shadows.

My challenge to myself and to everyone reading this is each day try to take even just a few seconds to notice your surroundings, to see what beauty Mother Nature has cooked up for you. For me today it was the beauty of sparkling snowflakes dancing in the sun. 

Who knows what tomorrow’s moment of beauty will be but I know I’m going to be watching and make sure to take a deep breath and enjoy!

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